TRAVEL EAZE represents service, integrity, and quality. We are excited to announce that we are entering our twelfth year of business. It has been challenging, yet exciting to withstand the changing travel trends and economy pit falls. We could not have done it without our wonderful clients that have traveled with us over the past years.
We offer full travel services along with our unique Group Travel Programs that are TRAVEL EAZE hosted; All-inclusive and customized to meet our traveler's needs. Group travel is often more cost effective than traveling as a couple or single. Our itineraries offer 10-11 months to pay for your trip. We have taken our clients to Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the Mediterranean and the South Pacific: Participants have bonded to the extent that they have had post trip parties and requested reunion trips. They have shared travel experiences that have inspired others to join us.
Our Individual Travel Program (ITP) promises to be an enchanting experience that you will not forget. We can coordinate your personalized itinerary to exceed your dream vacation expectations. We are at your service from your date of departure until your return.

Charlesetta Gipson, CEO

With a gift of service and a passion for travel, I left the corporate world seeking to provide travel opportunities with service above and beyond the ordinary. 

Holding true to St Augustine’s words of wisdom in regards to the worId being a book; I believe people should see as much of the world as possible. The need to customize and personally host group Itineraries is important to me. Before offering a group destination, I first visit to ensure it meets TRAVEL EAZE standards. Next, we coordinate the itinerary to meet our client’s needs. Group travel provides an opportunity for everyone to travel both individuals and couples. 
TRAVEL EAZE was built on service. Twelve years of business and we can comfortably say we are a Boutique Agency known for first class service. We have grown by word of mouth; the best advertising one can have. I look forward to continuously share travel opportunities.